Is there a Connection between your thyroid, weight loss and gut health?

AUGUST 26TH, 2016

Have you had a thyroidectomy and suddenly developed frightening symptoms of a racing heart that led you to the ER? Well, you're not alone. Recent studies have theorized a possible link between levothyroxine and the deterioration of intestinal flora.

Levothyroxine is absorbed into the body through the small intestines in the same way that vitamin D3, magnesium, potassium and calcium are absorbed, this is why patients are advised to wait four hours before taking any vitamin supplements. Vitamins like, calcium and magnesium can bind to the hormone and prevent the body from absorbing it. But what happens to our good gut bacteria when we take medication every day?

Studies have proven that when patients take antibiotics certain medications can interfere with the good bacteria in your gut (the bacteria that helps you digest your food and absorb nutrients) there is a possibility that levothyroxine may do the same thing. Many patients who have had a total thyroidectomy (TT) complain of low potassium levels as well as low magnesium and Vitamin D after surgery. In fact, nutrient deficiency is common among patients with thyroid disease in general and is the root cause of most thyroid symptoms. These low vitamin levels can contribute to fatigue, heart rhythm abnormalities, and even higher blood pressures.

Thyroid cancer used to be considered rare, but with a higher incidence of the disease and the occurrence of thyroidectomy increasing, more and more patients are coming forward with their experiences and Doctors are starting to listen. Though side effects are different for everyone, nutrient deficiencies seem to be a common symptom for many who suffer from thyroid disease. and a thyroidectomy. Could this deficiency be caused by a lack of gut flora from everyday use of synthetic thyroid replacement hormones? Until more scientific studies are available to substantiate what patients believe to be fact, one can only rely on their Dr's to check their blood levels to make sure their calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D, and potassium levels are within normal ranges to prevent cardiac episodes and symptoms of depression. 

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**As always check with your Doctor or Pharmacist before starting any new supplements or holistic remedies.**


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