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Life After Thyroidectomy

Life After Thyroidectomy

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Your TSH is normal, but you still don't feel normal. 

Life After Thyroidectomy is a groundbreaking self-help book that focuses on the patient’s journey from thyroid cancer diagnosis, to treatment, to symptoms, and to life after thyroidectomy.

Rebecca shares gripping patient testimony in a way not told before or in such personal details. In addition to facts about the disease itself, you’ll read how Rebecca handled unexpected challenges, resulting from struggles with the disease, and the side effects of thyroidectomy. 


“Rebecca has taken something negative and turned it into a force for good!” Dr. Milas, M.D., Chief of Endocrine Surgery


“Highly recommend for anyone going through this process! Rebecca’s book has blessed me incredible. Thank you for sharing your journey and being an inspiration to the rest of us. thank you for your incredible honesty and vulnerability.” ~Tammy B.


Life After Thyroidectomy focuses on the testimony about thyroid disease, thyroid cancer, and life after having a thyroidectomy. Listen to a Free Audio Sample Now

Rebecca Ireland’s Life After Thyroidectomy discusses the negative and often times severe side effects of thyroid disease, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, thyroidectomy and thyroid cancer in personal details like never before.

  • Plus, you’ll learn what you can do to improve your quality of life from the very beginning of your diagnosis. You’ll learn about:

  • Diagnosis

  • Treatment

  • Surgery

  • Questions to ask your doctor

  • More than 200 Thyroid Symptoms

  • Pregnancy

  • Weight Gain

  • How and What to Eat

  • and Your Emotions

Life After Thyroidectomy is written from a patient’s journey, you’ll discover how to love your body all over again and understand how it works on a cellular level so you can work with your doctors more effectively for better treatment and understanding.

The paperback even includes pages you can take notes on and keep with you as a reference guide.


Listen to a FREE Audio Sample Now!


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